PNR Status Check by Mobile

Quickly check PNR Status of your train tickets here. Fast IRCTC PNR Status check, easier than Indian Railways site. When we buy ticket from IRCTC we get unique 10 digit number called PNR number. PNR Number is the Passenger Name Record Locator. You can find your PNR Number of top-left corner of your ticket. With the help of PNR you can find information related to your ticket booking status, coach number of train, list of passanger and more.

PNR stands for ‘Passenger Name Record’. It is the unique < 10 Digit > number linked to each railway booking / train ticket done either online or offline. This applies to either individual or a group booking. A single PNR number can be generated for a maximum of six passengers. You will find it on the top left corner of your railway ticket. It is a travel record maintained by the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) in their Centralized Reservation System containing entire passenger details such as Name, Gender, Age, Contact; and journey details like Train Number, Class, Berth Preference, Boarding Date, Boarding Point, Destination amongst others. With a PNR Number you can follow up with the Current Status of your reservation and check whether it is confirmed or not.

PNR Status Offline

If you dont have internet, then you can irctc PNR Status offline with the help of SMS helpline by Indian Railways or calling helpline for PNR! Below we have listed different methods to check your IRCTC PNR Status

  • Online PNR Status : You can try Indian Railways or Check PNR Status IRCTC
  • PNR Status on SMS : Type your “PNR {PNR-Number-here}” and send it to 5888 or 139 or 5676747 or 57886.
  • PNR Status on Call : Dial 139 from your mobile number and following instruction carefully!

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